“You cannot have your best day if you don't have your first day”


Melanie is a dynamic, motivational speaker who excites and inspires groups globally. She ignites untapped passion that sparks action, resulting in personal transformation. Her charisma, together with her life story will kindle excitement and release hidden potential within. As a strategic hands-on leader, Melanie has a talent for developing and mentoring staff. She travels the world meeting and motivating others, energizing them in achieving their envisioned successes. Melanie's life experiences, including those as a combat veteran illuminate rich, unique, and entertaining messages, motivating people to break through barriers and perform at their highest level.




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My strengths lie in motivating people and businesses to overcome obstacles efficiently and perform at their highest levels. This approach has resulted in major successes for me, my colleagues and the organizations involved. From my years in the United States Army to my work as a life coach I have proven to be a strategic hands-on leader with talent for developing and mentoring staff, building consensus, and organizing. 

Throughout my career I have built upon my: 

  • Lifelong Learning and Experiences
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Global Experience 



My passion is helping people succeed in life!  Success is defined by the individual whether business, personal growth, relationships, and so on...  I am here to help facilitate growth and help you define success! 

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